We hope the FAQ will provide answers to any questions, however please email if there are any other matters you would like clarified.

What Is This Site?

Bridal Buzz aims to be a directory showcasing the available wedding dresses available. It will feature dresses from a wide variety of designers, along with lists of approved stockists for the dresses.

Why are there no prices displayed?

Prices are set by individual shops, and can vary. Also, some prices include extras like free alterations, so displaying prices here would be meaningless.

Can I buy a dress from Bridal Buzz?

No. We are a directory. We list dresses, and show you how to find stockists. You should contact a stockist to arrange a fitting.

Do you showcase copies?

No. We only showcase genuine designer dresses available from genuine UK Bridal Shops.

I am a designer and I want you to showcase my dresses.

Contact us at You will need to have a website which includes a link to shops in the UK where your dresses can be bought. Plus you will need to have a good reputation.

I am a designer and I don't want you to showcase my dresses.

Contact us at When we add a designer, we will initially only add a small selection of dresses. We will then contact the designer to show them. If they want to opt out then we will remove all images and references to them from the site.