Tropical Wedding

Posted on: 1st October 2007

One of the most dramatic colour choices for wedding themes can be a mix of similar shades. Here we at Glamourous Gowns have collected pictures showing ideas for red, orange and pink colour combinations for your wedding; a mix of these vibrant colours gives a tropical or indian feel.

We have not tried to be comprehensive but to give a flavour of items that could be used.

Red, hot pink and orange colour theme for weddings by

The dresses shown are Forever Yours expressions bridesmaids dresses 78110 and77207. Also shown are Forever Yours Fantasy bridal 48120 and 48130.

Now you have seen our mood board why not create your own?

You can use magazines, bridal magazines, country garden magazines or any other source. Collect your ideas together in a plastic wallet and then, when you are ready, sort through and choose your favourite elements.


<p>i love the designs on the pink decorations</p>

  12th February 2011

<p>the blend of colours are extremely beautiful.</p>

Kelechi Awuzie
  19th March 2011

<p>ok i love this so these r orange red and hotpink together cause those r the colors i wanted and everyone told me they dont match</p>

  11th August 2011

<p>I think its beautiful. I am forwarding to my florist and cake lady to get their opinion as well. This helps me tremendously! Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!<br /> Valerie Holt<br />

Valerie Holt
  7th December 2011

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